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Here's what's happening in our lives:
   Between work, family and being Scoutmaster, Matthew is very busy.  He is playing on a rec-league basketball team and trying to get his web-sites all up-to-date.  
   Kimberly is also very busy.  She is working with the Cub Scouts and also volunteers regularly at the elementary school.  On top of that, she has taken the main responsibility for making sure the girls get their school work done.  She teaches Joy School every six weeks for Erin and car pools the girls to dance.
   Alyssa is enjoying first grade.  She is becoming a great little reader and really loves her teacher and class.  She played soccer again this year and even kicked the ball a few times.  She is now taking dance lessons for fun.
   Megan is enjoying her kindergarten experience.  She is also starting to become a good reader.  She enjoys the time that Alyssa is at school when she gets to be the oldest child around the house.  She just recovered from a broken arm (fell out of bed) which kept her out of soccer.  She is also taking dance now.
  Erin is involved in Joy School two days a week.  The six or seven kids' moms take turns teaching the lessons.  Otherwise she is running around the house creating chaos.
   Jeremy is Erin's partner in crime.  The two of them have more energy than we ever thought possible for two children.  Jeremy is always into everything.
November 15, 2000
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